LIC AAO Exam General Knowledge Questions Asked On 11th April 2013

General Knowledge questions Asked For LIC AAO Exam On 11th April 2013.Just Note Down these Questions For 12th May Exam Candidates.

1. Law to manage NPA.

2. Plastic not currency denomination.

3. BRICS summit hel at ?

4. full form of MIST regarding BRICS.

5. Cheif economic adviser to Finance Minister .

6. How many family will get befitted under Food security bill.

7. question on RSBY.

8. Term not used in cricket…

9. Amount allocated for Woman Bank.

10. NABARD soul purpose ?

11. which type of risk when bank unable to pay liability?(credit risk)

12. bank can take ur lic docs for guarantee what is this called?

13. rajiv gandhi eq scheme

14. asha health workers

15. which is a currency (peso)?

16. with which country israel arrow 3 missile?

17. space agency of us(nasa)

18. author of lolita ?

19. which is given by goi?(arjuna award)

20. which term related with lawn tennis(backhand drive)

21. related with insurance( risk) which is not an insurance company in india?(ashok leyland)

22. with which company one power plant is setting up in gujraj recently?

23. 10% sercharge on income tax For Whom?

Read Important Insurance Terms May be Asking On 12th May AAO Exam Of LIC  

We will Soon Update More Questions Asked On LIC AAO Exam.

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