170 Candidates Selected as PO In Canara Bank Is Ineligibile : IBPSupdates Exclusive

IBPS the Autonomous Body Of Personnel Selection is Failing In Recruitment Of Probationary Officers For 20 Public Sector Banks.Recently IBPS Completes its First Allotment Of PO-II Candidates.Now We Found that 170 Candidates Selected in Canara Bank is Not Eligible under the UNRESERVED Category.

What Is the Exact Problem?

170 Candidates selected Under UNRESERVED category Has No Minimum Cutoff Marks.Because of Merit cum-Preference High Mark Scorer Should Get 1st Preference Bank.Here IBPS Selected OBC and SC/St Candidates as UNreserved & Also they Have No Minimum CutOff Mark.

Thanks to Canara Bank, they Unveil All Selected Candidates Name,Roll.no,& Category. Anyone Can Check the Marks Awarded by IBPS (Checking the Name of Selected Candidates with Final Rank list Published by some websites).After Checking we Found that 170 Ineligible Candidates enter into Canara Bank Po Posts through UNRESERVED Category.

If Any Of You Have Doubt then Just Canara bank List of PO Selected And Final Rank List.   


i think all my friends not get the exact point i mention.please understand...

the error in the list is that-- obc & Sc/St students got UNRESERVED seats then they entered into Canara bank list. but they have no minimum cutoff score off general category of Canara bank po.

My friend ARUN ALAPATT  having 65.48 (general) have 1st preference Canara. but he can't get. he got iob with 4th preference.

but 5000092316 numbered candidate (obc) entered into Canara po list as UNRESERVED with only 62.96.

i have no personnel or any interest to unveil the names of all other candidates.i just give an eg.above. if you have any other queries just mail us on ibpsupdate@gmail.com 

Actually Any of the 170 candidates are not ineligible but they should entered into the list through only obc vacancy.That's the problem i Mention.

If i have Made any Error Or Mistakes. i kindly Apologies to everyone & i can also say " it is not Authentic ".


  1. man whn u took so much trouble then u sud also provide those 170 ineligible candidates details....
    and not to mention the so called list u r toking abt... is it authentic??????????
    stop spreading rumours and come up with facts,....
    and please dont do this just to increase the TRAFFIC LOAD here...........

  2. Please give the list of these 170 candidates

  3. mr. dodo, I think u have the excel sheet. u see the list of students selected in canara, u will not find a single general category student with final score below 65.6; but there are lots of reserved category candidates having scores in between 62.16-65.6 & have been alloted canara. how is it possible that general category students at the score of 62-63 getting banks like dena & reserved category students at the same score getting canara's unreserved seat.

  4. admin can u upload the excel sheet here you have with you,,because this issue is so serious na

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  6. I can publish few names here

    AATHIRA T.S 1610900913 5000092316 OBC 62.96
    ABHISHEK.B 1530907002 5000155792 OBC 62.64
    AGRAJA L C 1630905969 5000082373 OBC 62.96
    AMAN KUMAR 1510910339 5000522233 OBC 62.92
    AMBIKA E R 1530908234 5000157442 OBC 63.92
    AMEER KHAN A 1630902853 5001014802 OBC 62.6
    AMIT KUMAR 1260936630 5000068658 OBC 64.28
    AMITA YADAV 1800962149 5000643861 OBC 64.12
    AMITH KUMAR N V 1580901128 5000550230 OBC 62.92
    ANAND N V 1610902908 5000830176 OBC 62.84

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  8. I am Arun Alapatt, my score is 65.48 and I have given first option as Canara bank but got IOB which was my 3rd option, not fourth. I think you are not clear on the issue, Please check the names of the candidates that I have listed out(I have prepared that excel file), they are all OBC/SC candidates and they are allotted into unreserved category of Canara bank.If I am not selected in Canara bank then no candidates who has secured less score than 65.48 should BE be included in the GENERAL LIST.But there are more than 150 candidates.

  9. all the candidates whom u r talking abt will defiantly eligible for getting canara bank in their respective category as per their score. Denoting an OBC candidate as an unreserved category must b a kind of mistake which is trivial. Dont create any panic situation untill it is authorized.

  10. please dont spread such rumours.as if dis any problem crops up the whole selection process will be cancelled.thousands will loose their job.Moreover the not jus IBPS but canara bank has also verified the list before publishing it.Most imp is the list on the basis of which u are drawing such invalid conclusion is not an authentic one,as it wasnt published by IBPS.So dear friends dont waste ur time over things that have no existence

  11. I have contacted canara bank and they said they have not checked anything, whatever IBPS has send they published.This is not a rocket science,any one can understand the mistake in the list.Just tell me if it is correct to allocate someone with less than my score be allocated in General list?

  12. You are right.Please also tell IBPS about it. I have also checked the list.
    Who knows if cutoff in individual subjects, age relaxation, etc. are checked or not?

  13. Admin you are a dumb person and making useless hoopla. You don't even understand the system of quota. You cud have a better understanding if u wud have given SSC or UPSC exams and analyzed their result declaration pattern. In pre exam the cut-off of obc,sc/st is less than general. Now if a reserved category scores vry high mrks in main such that his overall pre+mains marks surpasses the general cut-off he's automatically gets into general list, even though he has scored less marks than gnrl cut-off in pre exam. So this means Indian gvt has been practicing this rule since 91 and IBPS is no way different as it is recruiting for GVT. PSB's

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  15. Where did you get the final rank list of all the candidates?????

  16. @anks, @univ, why dont you guys check it for yourself before calling anyone idiot, someone has published few names of candidates who were alloted in unreserved category of Canara bank when they scored less marks than him, how it is possible?he has given roll, reg no and marks, you can cross check with the ibps excel file uploaded by some blog and dont say that it is not authorized, it may not be uploaded by IBPS but all information in that excel is correct.you may give your original name and I can tell your roll no and mark scored.

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  18. I got the link for that excel sheet.... it seems true the information in it.... but may be some problem regarding Arun Alapatt.... regarding preference or else... By the way SORRY for that what I said earlier....

  19. RAVINDRA MEHTA 1281311277 5000444611 RAIPUR GENERAL 65.6
    this boy has got canara bank.... so allotment is according to the peeference...

  20. We dont know if Ravindra Mehta has given canara bank as first option even if it is his first option it does not prove that allotment is correct.

  21. if it has happened its a mistake as a novice has performed the task of allotment..... canara was my 2nd preference... I think Arun should check his order of preference...

    1. Univ, how much did you score?
      Did you get canara bank?
      I gave canara as first choice.

  22. check this

  23. Sir.... I hav allotted allahabad bank ...I hav only consolidated mark sheet(BCA) becoz IGNOU does not provide semeter wise mark sheet....It will create any problem at the time of joining(Verification) please reply....

  24. I am going to file RTI and get details from canara and union bank.

  25. Go for it... you are right i think

  26. hey, I send a letter under RTI act to canara and Union Bank, canara bank has forwarded the letter to IBPS, but I got reply from Union bank, it is really interesting.I have asked 2 questions 1.What is the least score of a general candidate selected in the Union Bank. 2. how many candidates got selected into General seats with less than my score ie 65.48, for the 1st question they said 66.24, and 2nd answer is really interesting as many as 152 candidates selected into General seats less than 65.48 marks, 2nd answer contradicts first one.

  27. I got Indian Bank from TamilNadu from OBC Category. Today IBPS has released the list of provisionally alloted candidates for the banks on the basis of marks. In that my Roll No is UNRESERVED Category. Why it is like that?
    Please reply soon


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