IBPS RRB PO Exam Questions Held on 21/9/13

Dear readers, please share your experience of today's IBPS RRB paper. Hows was the difficulty level? How many questions did you attempt? How was GK section.Here We add Some of the Questions Asked On todays Paper.

1. New Member of European Union - Croatia

2. New Governor of Sikkim - Sriniwas Patil

3. PV sindhu related to - Badminton

4. Who won the Champions Trophy 2013 - India

5. Committee for NABARD - Shivaraman

6. Which company installed white label ATm first in country? - Tata

7. RTGS limit - no limit

8. Kathakali is folk dance of ---? Kerala

9. P Sathasivam is in news? he is - CJI of India

10. Largest producer of Rice in world? - China

11. Commercial paper is issued by - Corporate

12. What do u mean by CRR ?

13. Who is appointed Attorney general of india ?

14. 28th member of EU ?

15. Where Is the Head Quarters Of financial task action force ?

16. Who won the mahathir peace prize?

17. What does a banking ombudsman do?

18. About Nirbhaya allocation in budget

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. what documen do i have take with the admit card during exam

    1. Identity Proof Original With Photocopy,Admit Card

  3. expected cut off??

  4. expected cut off??

  5. solved 100% resoning 100% maths 100% english 80% gs & 80% computer .....what is my chance........

  6. Attempting 100% question is not a big deal. How accurately u did that is actually matters.

  7. 22 sep ka ga bahut tough tha .that is not far

  8. exam chod do yaar compitition kam karo


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